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Off Grid Power Solution for Vanlife

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Some of the links on my site are what’s known as “affiliate links”. So if you do buy something I’ll probably earn a few bucks 💵.

In my research and preparation for my first "long term" trip across the country, I knew I would need more power for my basic electronic needs in my van. When I purchased my van it DID come with a separate deep cycle marine battery which was awesome and a blessing to have at least something additional for my needs outside of my van battery and 2 small Mophie power banks that I own.

What I love about this set up from ToGoPower:

  • Size and weight of the power station makes it easy to move around in my van or outside of my van.

  • The wireless charging area on the top of the power station, makes it so easy to just drop my phone on top of it to give my phone a quick boost when ever needed.

  • The screen is easy to read and actually tells you how much time you have left in the power station based upon what you have currently plugged into it.

  • The power station gives you all of the options you need to charge your devices from 2 AC ports, 12v power plug, USB outlets as well as a USB -C outlet.

  • Has the ability to recharge the power station 3 ways. 1. via AC, 2, via the power port while the van is running and 3. via solar power.

  • The power station comes with 2 lights, one on the handle and one on the side.

  • The BEST feature on this power station is the fact that the handle folds down! This makes storage easier and neat and tidy.

  • The solar panels are very easy to set up and they are so portable you can set them up anywhere! My favorite spot is on the hood of my van or my windshield. But when the sun moves during the day, you can also move the panels as needed. Unlike permanent panels you would attach to your roof.

ToGoPower also has many other options for power stations and solar panels depending on your power needs. Currently you can get 10% off of your purchase by clicking this link and using the code "TOGO10"

Happy Travels!


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