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Best 12v Fridge / Freezer for Van Life - Setpower RV60D Review

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

This product was sent to me for my honest review and use. I am extremely picky in choosing companies to collaborate with. All opinions are my own and based on my experience with using this product. Some of the links on my site are what’s known as “affiliate links”. So if you do buy something I’ll probably earn a few bucks 💵.


While I was planning my cross country road trip, I was making myself a list of the "must have items" that I wanted in my van before I started the trip. (Actually that would be a great title for a future blog posts or Youtube video!) I KNEW I need to have something to keep my food fresh and cold. I didn't want to be stopping daily for the purchase of ice, also you never know when you will be able to find ice available. So something that was powered by 12v would be what I was looking for.

In my search one of the companies I had come across was Setpower. I read through loads of reviews and watched a few videos and even though I may have see other products out there, I always came back to this particular fridge / freezer. I was even MORE excited that the company wanted to collaborate with me and sent me their RV60D for my honest review.

The RV60D (and the RV45D the 45 qt model) Ticks off ALL of my "wants".

Runs on 12v

  • Comes with optional AC plug

  • Dual zones. REPEAT dual zones

  • Has an economy mode

  • Interior light

  • Nice handles

  • Freezer basket

  • Ability to make it one zone for either all fridge or all freezer

  • Great Insulation

  • Tons of room

  • 3 year warranty

  • hassle free returns

I can not recommend this product enough. I have been using for over 3 weeks while traveling in my van and it is just like having my home fridge and freezer!! For a FULL view just click on my Youtube review.

Shop for your fridge / freezer today!! USE CODE "JOANNEPLANS" FOR 12% OFF THE RV45D AND RV60D

Official Website:

Instagram: @setpower.usa

Facebook: @Setpower

Facebook Group: SetpowerUSA

Happy Travels!!

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